Computer Maintenance Tips from Ed

Computer Maintenance Tips

Everyone now days owns a least one computer and some times users own both a Pc and a Mac system. Pc’s tend to require a more regular maintenance over a Mac and mainly because of their engineering or architectural design on their Operating System. Because Windows Pc’s require a higher maintenance this section will be focused primarily on Window’s Pc systems.

If your computer is used on a regular basis without a maintenance schedule in place your system is more likely to slow down in performance quicker than most systems. There are so many reasons why a computer becomes slow over time, however down below will list the most common reasons.

Most Common Issues

* Old System
* Infected System
* Not Enough Ram or Memory
* Stressed Hard Drive
* Very Fragmented Hard Drive
* To Many Applications Running In Memory
* Hard Drive Over 90% Full
* Corrupted Operating System
* Mis-Configured System
* Over Heated System
* Operating System Behind In Updates & More

Now I am going to give you a few tips that will help you turn this around, in other words we are going to help you increase your systems performance and keep it running that way. Follow the tips down below and you will see results soon.

Computer Maintenance Tips
* Clean system inside out with compressed air. | By doing this you will keep your system running cool and by doing that you will improve your systems performance.

* Clean system’s exterior with wet wipes and dry the excess with a clean dry towel. | You extend the life, functionality and resale value of you system by keeping it clean.

* Update Windows regularly. | Installing Windows updates regularly ensures proper running of your operating system and addresses any problems the system might have.

* Update your security software regularly and run regular scans. | Performing this steps ensures you have the latest security updates to fight threats and ensures a virus and malware free system.

* Delete unnecessary files regularly. | This steps is very important specially if you surf the web regularly and if you install programs often. Run Disk Clean-Up in Windows or download a Malware tool like Ccleaner.

* Perform a Scan Disk or a Disk Error Checking. | How many times you had to force your system to shut down because it wasn’t responding? A force shut down corrupts your file structure in Windows and if you do it often enough eventually your operating system will corrupt. Reason why the files don’t have enough time to get saved. Running this tools fixes those issues.

* Defrag your system’s hard drive regularly. | If your system is used regularly then your hard drive becomes fragrmented. What this means is that when files are saved on the hard drive they get scattered all over the place. That’s why when you perform a defrag your drive improves in performance because you organize the files being stored on the drive for quicker access.

* Pay attention to Alarms. | Don’t ignore those signs, waiting for those warnings it normally just makes things worst. Most issues can be resolved fairly easy when you act right of way waiting to act complicates the solution to the problem.

* Last but not least start your system regularly. | For those who keep their systems running 24 x7 is suggested to at least restart your system 2-3 times a week to clear glitches in memory.

Now that you have some great tips to follow all you have to do is follow them. If you follow this basic steps to improve the performance in your computer I guarantee you will see results in 48 Hours. Try it and let me know if our tip helped your system work faster. Also let us know how are we doing!

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